Saturday, July 5, 2008

A New Criterion for Leadership

So I have been watching this election coverage with great interest. The incoming Executive will have great potential to right a number of wrongs, and provide lasting impact on policy, judicial nominations, while dealing with an impending energy crisis, and an economic slump.
That being said, the following article (taken from the Chicago Tribune) sets us at a whole new low of what we expect from our leadership. Apparently, we want a President we would much rather have a guy we'd go fishing with or watch a ball game with, rather than someone who would create in us a vision of a better tomorrow and provide leadership in difficult times.
When you go to the polls in November, vote for the person who can work towards making this country even greater, who can restore our standing in the international community, release us from our dependence on foreign energy sources, etc. Don't vote for them because they'd be your buddy, it's great to identify with your leadership but there should be a reverence and honor given to those we choose to lead us.
Until then, keep praying for our country and those who will decide its direction,0,6150091.story

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