Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Birthday Reflections

Well for those of you on Facebook who get the updates, today is my birthday. I turned 26 today, my how the years have flown by. One thing I got when I was a kid that was really cool was a "Birthday Book" that featured significant events in history that happened on July 15 and people in history who shared the same birthday.
Anyway, I found a thing on the New York Times website (what an awesome paper, know they're liberal as can be but great journalism), and several unique things happened on my birthday. For starters, I share the same birthday as Rembrandt the painter, Terry O'Quinn (more known for being Locke on Lost), Clement Moore (Night Before Christmas author), and Forrest Whittaker. Also on this day, in 1870 Georgia was finally readmitted to the Union following the Civil War, 1948 Truman secured the Democratic nomination for President, 1971 Nixon declared an intent to visit China to restore diplomatic relations, and in 2007 the Phillies lost their 10,000th game and in the process setting a record for futility by a professional sports team (the citizens of Philly were unaware of this, as they had stopped counting losses by their teams years ago)
It's pretty cool what happens on any given day, and the history of what happened on a particular day in the course of time would be too much to record in any single volume. How awesome is it that there is a God who moves all of history in a teleological fashion, that it is being moved to a particular point and nothing happens along the way that is not conducive to that end goal. All of history happens for a reason and purpose, because God is more than just an observer, He is the author, director, and producer of the entire drama that we call existence.
26 down, who knows how many to go!

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