Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Preaching Sunday Night

So I was asked to fill the pulpit this coming Sunday night while our pastor and his family get a much-needed week away on the beach. Those left behind in the surf-less smothering heat of Memphis are indeed jealous but do pray this is a time of refreshment during these difficult days.
The text that has continually come to mind when trying to decide what to preach on was 1 Peter 2:9-10. It is a difficult passage as it discusses the relationship of the church with Israel. Peter uses the same language found at Sinai when God distinguishes Israel as a set-apart nation of priests called to His purpose on the earth. The difficulty in this passage is if the church has replaced Israel as the covenant people of God, or that they still both are, or that there is some blending of both.
Pray for me as I deal with this passage, and pray for the hearts of the hearers that they would receive the Word gladly and with conviction and repentance.

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  1. will it be recorded or available for download?

    make it happen 2 hotty!