Friday, July 18, 2008

Time to be Honest

We leave early tomorrow for World Changers in Springfield IL, and I have to make an honest confession related to the work we'll be doing there. Here it goes... I hate being on roofs. There, I said it. I don't have a fear of heights at all, but for some reason when I get on a roof it cripples me and I spend more time worrying about not falling than I do about getting a job done. Yeah it was fun to climb up there when I was a kid and shoot bottle rockets off it (sorry Dad, that was me), but then when it came time for work it was the combination of heat, nail guns, shingles, and falling that always made me dislike it.
So this next week will be a very challenging one for any number of reasons. The biggest challenge is overcoming my crippling fear of roofs. The advantage is I'll be around the "great cloud of witnesses" that Hebrews talks about, and another thing I know about myself is I succumb to peer pressure pretty easy, so maybe that'll help to overcome the fear.
So that brings up the big question, if something does happen, who gets the iPod?

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