Tuesday, July 15, 2008

United under the Gospel

One of the really neat things about being at Southern for several years was that every now and then an awesome conference would happen that would bring together some of the greatest minds in contemporary Evangelical circles for discussion, debate, mutual growth and encouragement, and for us as young ministers the chance to witness our spiritual heroes in action and to drink deeply from the cups of their wisdom and insight they offered.
One conference I wish I'd gone to while I was at Southern was the Together for the Gospel conference that happens biannually in Louisville. The list of speakers is a "Who's Who" in Christianity, Mark Dever, Al Mohler, CJ Mahaney, John Piper, John MacArthur, Ligon Duncan, etc. They all come from different ecclesiastic traditions, different theological viewpoints, but as we see in the linked document, there is a commonality that overrides every one of their differences and brings them together for the cause of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
While we may have many differences in secondary matters that may be of great importance, we must never let our differences interfere with the great work of the Kingdom and our task as the Church to make Christ known to all peoples. The need for people to repent and come under the Lordship of Christ must be foremost in our minds and hearts as the guiding rule of our life.
We must stand for Truth, and the importance of holding to an objective view of that topic, that there are things that are undeniable truths not subject to interpretation, but are true based on their being true. We must always remember that salvation is an act of grace, that God is under no means bound to save any of us, but the fact that one sinner who stands in rebellion against Christ is saved is enough to demonstrate the immeasurable kindness of God. No prayer or program or delivery of a boxed presentation can result in salvation, only an act of Grace given by the Holy Spirit through Christ to the Glory of God the Father.
The motto of Kentucky is "United we stand, Divided we fall." May that be what we as the Church strive for, that we be united under the banner of the Beloved or else we fall as a divided house.

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