Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The first post

Hey everyone this is the first Blogspot post, I hope to be able to post regularly on here, but don't be mad if you don't hear anything for a few weeks.
This past weekend I got to spend an awesome time with my girlfriend in Memphis, and even though I left my interview with more questions than answers, I came away knowing that God is in control of everything and these concerns of mine are in His very capable hands. Keep praying with/for me and we'll see what sort of adventure He has in store. Driving back I kept praying and thinking and asking God if I was chasing after something attractive or if I was pursuing His will? How hard is it to really understand what God wants, even when Israel had a burning bush they still started worshipping a cow. Although writing on the wall, burning bush, I'd even take a talking donkey at this point! would be nice to understand what He wants from me.

My last thoughts for this post - DONT LEAVE BILLY! DONT COME TO KENTUCKY! Stay at Florida, they love you there, UK fans are the worst! <--- That should get some people nice and mad :) Really though, he's in a great place, he has two great schools fighting over who gets to pay him $3.5 million a year to coach basketball, such a tough life.