Wednesday, July 22, 2009

TCB #2

Tonight, I want to draw your attention to the Old Testament, Psalm 73. This psalm is about the difficulty in seeing how God can be good to His people when those who hate Him seem to prosper. Asaph talks about their satisfaction in food, possessions, and wealth; as well as their seeming lack of hardship, suffering, and attack. Asaph even goes as far as to suggest that all his efforts and attempts to live righteously in his time were in vain.

I wonder how many of us have struggled with that temptation. We live in a world where the most sinful and godless people seem to have the happiest and best lives. We are bombarded with shows like Cribs that take us into a world of wealth and luxury. We see Christians put down in public, ridiculed in universities, and put on TV to look like fools against a society of worldly wisdom and selfish effort.

Jesus told us to carry our cross, and to expect the world to hate us. He told us to stand firm against the hardship of life, and to persevere to the end with His help. Around verse 18 though, we see the footholds based on the world start to slip, and for those who love the world instead of God this is the beginning of the end. Their worth, possessions, pursuits, and dreams are gone in an instant when the reality of Christ is seen. Only one life, will soon be past; only what’s done for Christ will last

And then, we see Asaph reminded of the goodness of God, to carry us through the hardest of times. We are reminded that He guides us, and that He holds us up when the waves surround us. God is all we need, He is the strength of our heart. When everything around us falls apart, He is all we need.

Depend on God alone today, and depend on Him in a way you never have before. Trust Him with the details, and focus on the cross. Let the Bible be your blinders, to keep you focused on Him.

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