Monday, February 23, 2009

Some Disciple Now Thoughts

We had a great time with Disciple Now 2009 with our youth, talking about the issue of purity and in particular going with a "True Love Waits" theme. Special thanks to Scott Yackel and Cary Beth Duffel for giving up their weekends to invest in the students as small group leaders. Also, props to Will Cranford for leading worship, Casey Frye for being a very needed help. And lastly thanks to the lovely Mrs. Douglas for all her work and encouragement through the weekend.

The format was different from what was normal for the church, going to a small groups model where our students were able to dialogue and discuss issues with their leader in the comfort of a host home. Thankfully we were able to have good discussion with very sensitive and relevant issues that are very different from the high school world I came from.

The highlight of the weekend for me personally was our "Late Night" worship session at the home of some youth parents. By late night I mean 10 PM, know that's not late for most of you but when you regularly get up at 4:30 in the morning, anything past 9:30 is pushing twilight hours! It was awesome to see our students in a relaxed, "non-church" atmosphere praising the Lord with their voices. I hope it was as significant for them as it was for me.

I do pray that the cards signed, the commitments made, and the lessons learned from the weekend will translate into a renewed mind and dedication to living a life saturated by Christ.

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