Monday, August 11, 2008


On Sunday there was a segment(click to view) on Good Morning America that featured the latest trend in a long tradition of indulgences and faith-for-profit, the marketing and commercialization of Christianity featuring items such as Christian sole insoles, candy bars, Bobblehead dolls, and other trinkets. The debate raged about whether or not this was exploiting people's religious sensitivities or was a genuine effort on the part of Christian businessmen to take the Gospel message to the masses through creative and marketable means. There is even a whole association of Christian retailers promoting Christian wares at a convention.

Is this the latest in a line of indulgences meant to deceive people into thinking that because they have a certain thing or buy a certain thing that they can impact their eternal spiritual condition? Is this the latest in a long line of Vanity Fair issues where people should be offended at what they see? I have no doubt that some of these businessmen are in it for the right motives, but more than anything else running a business is about turning a profit and making money, and this is a $4.6 billion per year venture to sell Jesus.

Open it up for discussion, does this trend offend you or do you think it's ok? This is a free country, so voice your views!


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