Monday, March 17, 2008

Palm Sunday

Posted it on the BBC Youth page, that's what I get for writing a post while I'm half asleep!

This is the first day of Jesus' final journey into Jerusalem. He was greeted by the crowds laying out their palm branches and calling out "Hosanna!" They knew that this man Jesus was someone very different than the other religious teachers of their day. They thought He was the one promised, that He would be the one to overthrow the Romans and restore the nation of Israel and be their Messiah-King.

But the King of the universe arrived in the great city riding on the back of a donkey. He came as one who was not blowing a trumpet announcing His own arrival. This King who came for His people would offer the ultimate sacrifice. Those who would follow Him would be set free, not from the oppressive rule of the Roman Empire, but from the crippling and deadly rule of sin that had forever separated man from God.
The book of Mark (11:11) also says that Jesus went into the Temple. The Temple in Jesus' day was the center of religious activity for the Jews. It is no surprise that is where Jesus went upon entering the city. It is great speculation but maybe He went to see what was really going on in there, which would culminate in His anger in the Temple the next day.
Praying for you! Hope you had a great time at the Grace's, I know I did!

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