Monday, March 10, 2008

More thoughts on the church

Last night we got into a great discussion over the nature of the church, what it is and the characteristics involved in it. One of the greatest things in studying theology is the broad view you get of the landscape of Scripture. And over and over again the Bible is clear that the church is unlike anything else on the earth. The church has a very unique place in society. We as the church are not only thinking about life here on earth, but the Bible calls us citizens of heaven. Our identity is found in Jesus Christ, and He is the source of our joy, strength, and hope. We might live in Memphis TN in the USA, but our spiritual "passport" says we have a mansion in heaven prepared for us. The church has a forward-thinking view of itself, and therefore should be free from the trappings of petty disagreements, bickering, differing opinions, and what color the carpet is.
Sadly though many churches do get into these arguments over such trivial things. The goal of the church existing is to give us as Christians a foretaste of heaven, where every tribe, tongue, and nation will join together to worship the Lord; and to be the City on a Hill to show the Way for those who are lost. We as a church exist to make Jesus known. The word ekklesia does mean "the called out ones" and God has called us out from everyone else and given us a divinely-appointed mission, to share the Gospel with the entire world. A daunting task I will admit, but Jesus told the Disciples that they (and we) would not be alone, they (and we) have the Holy Spirit to serve as a Guide, Comforter, and Helper. This is the only way that us as ordinary average Joe's can make an impact on such a fallen world.
What can YOU do this week, as one who has been called out, to make Jesus known?

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