Monday, September 21, 2009


I made a post earlier today on Twitter that got some feedback and really prompted me to think about what I'd written a little more. Usually, when something goes up there it's often "stream of consciousness" where I just state exactly what is on my mind. When I put that up today, it was while I was working on 4 other things and it just came to mind. In the hours since, I've gone back and forth through it and would like to expound on it a little more.

For those wondering what I'm talking about, here is the quote: "When man applauds man, he places man on Throne; When man seeks man's glory & agenda, God is disgusted. When God is central, He is honored"

Simply, this finds its basis in the first question of the Westminster Catechism. What is the chief end of man? To glorify God and enjoy Him forever. When man seeks anything but God's glory in their life, they are replacing Him with themselves. That may sound like an extreme statement, but God deserves our utmost focus and ambition. We all have a theology, and we all have an object of worship by judging that which we ascribe worth and give our time/talent/energy to. Those who do so for themselves for their own gain, or for the praise and admiration of others have an object of worship, but it is not God.

When I said "God is disgusted" I have a feeling that probably rubbed some of you the wrong way. To those that it did, I apologize for the offense. But God is a jealous God, and in that He does not share His glory with others nor is He one to give up His place in our hearts and lives. It isn't to be petty, it's because He is the only thing or person worthy of all that. His jealousy is that of a husband angry over someone moving in on his wife.

Lastly, the final sentence is a call for a response. Honor God as the center of everything you say and do. In that He is glorified in us because we are most satisfied with Him. He is the center of our existence. We do not ascribe to Him a position, we merely acknowledge His sovereign reign in our lives. To illustrate this, think to the scene in Monty Python where Arthur tries to explain monarchy to the little socialist peasant. You don't vote for a king, he says. Same for us spiritually, we don't vote for God. It is merely our obligation as His subjects to yield to Him as our King and acknowledge His rule.

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