Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Family Visit

I had the awesome experience of getting to play Tour Guide to my family as they visited me in Memphis over the weekend. We got to eat a lot of good BBQ (of course, you visit Memphis you have to eat a ton of ribs!), see a lot of the interesting sights, get lost in the hood, and catch up on what all is going on back home.

We got to go to the Civil Rights Museum, which was an awesome lesson in history. History is so important to study because those who do not learn from it are doomed to repeat its mistakes. I must confess that even as a white person, I was struck by the courage and determination of those who battled injustice and simply wanted to be considered equal in terms of value, worth, and dignity as a person. As a Christian, I must affirm that every human being is created imago Dei, and that color is simply pigmentation and not a determination of value or dignity. This is a lesson we still must learn as a society though, and I pray that soon the mistakes of the past will be something that is looked upon by students as events of a bygone era.

We also got to go to Graceland, but we weren't about to pay $30 just to walk through the house and see how lavish Elvis was in his life. So instead, we took pictures of the house, and saw the wall which is covered in writing by fans and passers-by.

Beale Street was also a really neat experience, as we got to eat at BB King's restaurant, and were entertained by a live blues band. The food, less than desirable, but it was still pretty good and more about the atmosphere.

Pictures coming soon, whenever my sister gets around to putting them on Facebook.

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  1. I'd like to hear you do a more in-depth post on what exactly Imago Dei means. I think this often gets left out of the church's teachings. :) Also, if you know of any books to recommend towards that end, please share!