Tuesday, April 22, 2008


So whenever I think of earthquakes I think of bad 80's movies and California. Instead, now when we think of an earthquake we think of the Midwest and Louisville KY. It was so weird to see buildings I knew in my hometown damaged by a quake, which is something that is a possibility because of the New Madrid line but really... Kentucky? Come on.... No way
Just more proof that the Creation itself groans for its redemption in Christ. May that day come soon where all is made right and the very curse on the ground is lifted and the earth, the heavens, the seas, the animals, and man all exist in the perfect harmony and fellowship that we once had in Eden before the Fall. May the redeeming work of Christ be consummated soon, and I pray that before it does happen we might impact the world for Christ in a new and fresh way

PS - Check out my graduation present to myself!

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